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I spent last Saturday on the Lagos Lagoon during a Kayaking session. You probably know that already if you follow me on Social Media.

It was a fun afternoon spent crossing off another item off my list. Oh sure, I do have a list. A list made up of fun things I want to do. Some of them I should have done earlier but I was shackled under the What-If fear. You can call it a handbag list.

Ehm, I can easily access a handbag than a bucket much as I like to squat.

Yeah, I was talking about my Kayaking venture.

It was such an awesome experience. I had fun.  Such unquantifiable fun and so many lessons kept popping up during that period that I marveled how I could glean such lessons while stuck in no-man’s water.

Well, you know by now that whenever something pops in my head, I think of you to share. And because of that I have made this list of ten (10) lessons which you could apply to your life or business:



Face that fear: when the news about going on the deep waters broke in my Fitness Group, more people backed down from Aquaphobia than Moneyphobia.

It was humbling oto see that people who could fly on air, put their bodies through all sorts of contortions, run a self-imposed range of 5km to a full-marathon could shy away from merely going to exercise on water.


Stop with the Over-analysis! I love the water very much but I have never been on it alone.

Was I scared at the prospect? You bet!! How did I work around my fear? I literally jumped not walked over it. How?

When my  team got there, there was another team already who were being fitted out but was one man less.

As the Guide asked for one more volunteer, I  jumped ahead without thinking. I shouted ‘I will go’! And with that I knew I couldn’t back down.

My former self would have waited for some people to go first, then ask feedback and probably develop cold feet.

So it is with Life, your get to dive heads in sometimes instead of testing out the waters feet first.


Step out of your Comfort Zone: for some of us, going to that Jetty was like an eye-opener to life outside our boundaries.

We saw another side to life where people were just streaming in at leisure to come have fun.

Sometimes, in life and business, you have to break through the familiar into an unknown terrain.

A new world for you might lie in just daring to make that uncertain move.


Listen to an experienced hand: before we went on the water, we had a debriefing session. The old man worked on our minds and prepared us for the adventure.

I asked the most questions of all and at a stage, one of the team members had to shush me that my questions were too much and fear-inducing. But all I was doing was empowering myself with a SWOT analysis.

He enunciated the things to look out for and how to behave at each circumstance. He reinforced the reason why people topple over into the water and how to act if you do fall in.

How to behave and sit it out when a bigger vessel roughens up the water and your boat is being tossed to and fro.

you need someone who knows the waters you are about to swim. The benefits are always more than the costs.


Self-talk is key to quenching  dissenting voices: one of the women who went with a later team said something.

When asked how she dealt with the fear, she responded that she shut out all dissenting voices and was replaying the instructions from the debriefings in her head.


I also mentioned that during my own session, I kept talking to myself, the waters and the Boat especially when I lost control and didn’t know what to do.

You see if you want to last the distance in your life’s marathon; you have to know when to tune out the voices and connect to your own frequency.


continues tomorrow::.

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