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Yesterday, I shared part 1 of this article.  You can read it here


When your Boat topples, stay afloat: One of the fears most of us expressed was what to do in such eventuality.

He said a simple thing – your body will be in the water but your head will keep bobbing thanks to the life jacket.

So all you had to do was assume the prayer position until help came. We saw that okay out when a guy toppled and had to remain like that until help got to him.

Can your logical mind imagine a simple thing like palms together with face up will save your life?

So it also is in life where you do realize your boat will flip over once or twice on this journey.

What you do while in Life’s Waters will determine your outcome.

Find and leverage on your strengths: do you know that more men than women fall into the Waters?

That was the statistics we got. Know why? Women’s Centre of gravity is lower and therefore agrees with the kayak while that of men is higher up and makes them susceptible to get that swim.

In your trade you have to find what works for you and coast on it to success.

Community of shared interest: the only time I had a rethink before braving that water was when I asked about a Life Guard and heard there was none.

I faltered and asked ‘so what happens to me’? And the man said everyone is watching out for everyone.

What did that even mean? Why would another boat owner or a passing vessel come to my rescue when I am their competitors’s responsibility? What do they stand to gain?

And the answer was in what they stood to lose: any time there is a drowning along that route, the state government shuts down the place and everyone is out of business meantime.

So in your business, you have to surround yourself with a community of people who have same vested interests as you do. They would reach out and pull you out of harm’s way during your down times.

  • Don’t be scared by the bigger vessels just ride and enjoy the waves.

We were forewarned that when the speedboats or larger vessels come around and tussle the waves we should not be petrified.

Apparently, there is a rule on the waters that  the bigger ones  look out for the smaller ones and cut off their speed on approach but as with most things without immediate penalty, our fallen nature comes to fore as we always use size to intimidate.

The instruction was simple – when a larger or faster vessel roughens up the water for you, keep paddling while they are moving.

But soon as they pass you, drop your oars and stop paddling. Why? Because the waves which they have roughened up would then hit you and toss your puny boat up and down.

What could you possibly want to paddle at that time? Just sit still and ride it out. But what happens if you panic?

Same principle applies to your trade too. As humans we have a tendency to be scared of the bigger boys when we are setting out on a new venture. We think up the reasons why we can’t get a market share and why their customers cannot leave them for us.

But as with all things in life, there is a strategy for surviving the venture. Locate it and swing it to your advantage.

It is peaceful out there. I found out that once I was able to navigate further into the lagoon, I didn’t want to come back again. I just stayed there luxuriating in the soothing powers of the waters.

Something so unstable and powerful yet so calming to the nerves. As I sat on the waters, lost in a peaceful cocoon, I kept looking towards shore and saw the frantic waves for me to sail back but I didn’t want to.

The lesson here? I leave that to you as I don’t even know how it relates to your business but in life sometimes it pays to surrender and go with the flow instead of fighting it.
These are the 10 lessons I took away from just one Kayaking session. I have learnt that if you open your mind and eyes in life, there are diamonds in the dust waiting to be picked up and polished for use.

Now, I have shared with you – it’s your turn to share.

Have you been on the waters alone before?

Will this article help you to dare it?

And which one of these lessons hit home for you?

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