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Dear international Trader,

I am just stepping out of a banking hall now and experienced something which I really want to share with you.

Forgive me, you know how I always tell you that when I have a story, you always come to mind.

I had gone in for a transaction and while standing on the queue, one of the staff, a Marketer walked up to me.

I had seen him earlier pitching to people and as he approached I quickly held my arms out dismissively and barked ‘please I am not buying so don’t even pitch to me”

As a rule of thumb, I dislike being pitched to.

He apologetically moved on to the next person. What struck me was his ease of capitulation and I quickly waved the thought off that he is probably a rookie marketer.

Fast forward to when my transaction was sealed and I was stepping out, and I saw this babe standing and engaged in a conversation with another Teller.

I walked up to her and complimented her dress:

“Babe, you do look awesome in this blue dress and your makeup is so on point. The blue really does suit you” I threw her way

“Awww, thank you so much” she gushed

Little did I know she was a staff and a marketer at that.

Before I could blink, she swooped.

“Do you have an account with us?” She enthused

“Don’t even start with me because I already told your colleague there off” I jibed

“Not to worry, let me even take back my compliment. Sebi I was the one who came to you?” Now that was my undoing, we all laughed

Anyway, she not only marketed but ended up selling an App to me using her staff no. She also enabled my card for Remita payments which I had been having an issue with.

Yeah, you read that right. She got me to download an App which so many other colleagues of hers had tried previously without success

Apparently the bank has added downloading of that App to their monthly targets. Which was not the case before.

While we discussed, we joked over how easily she had just secured this account without struggle. Same account which her colleague tried earlier without success.

So my dear International Trader what lessons did I take out of this encounter?

Persistence: the first guy simply walked away just by a mere wave of hand. You are the one who have a Market to sell and it pains me when you say I talked to this buyer in that country and they didn’t sound interested. Then you simply walk away and start crying about the export Market being hard.

Rapport: Sunni was able to sell something to me because we already established a rapport. We had bonded over compliments and even when I said I wasn’t interested she still pushed. You have to touch your customer at the level of least resistance. Which is at his subconscious level. Find something to bond over before pitching to them and watch yourself make an easy sell.

Readiness to buy: not every buyer is ready to make a purchase at a particular point. This is where your emotional intelligence comes in. Test the waters and know when to wade through or withdraw.

Talk about your offering: one thing I told Sunni was how surprised I was that of all her colleagues who I know, even right up to my relationship manager and even my Online contacts who know I bamk with them, none had mentioned that it was tied to their targets. They hadn’t marketed me and I was just a sitting prospect waiting to be converted. Now, a stranger just did took my account like that. Is it possible that within your circles you are leaving money on the table?

Offer great After-sales service: after Sunni sold the App to me, she took me to another point where I needed to activate the Remita stuff. She liaised with her colleague and when i even got confused at the ATM, she followed me to guide me through the instructions and ensured my card was activated before going back inside

Leverage on your networks: she gave me her number and staff code. For what you may ask? To get my contacts to download the App using her code. What it simply means is she will be earning from people she doesn’t even know but who are the contacts of just one satisfied customer. I don’t stop telling you this: work your networks

Touch their painpoints: The best thing she did for me was that Remita activation. It had been a lingering painpoint each time I am paying for a client’s Export License Online. It is usually then I realize my card is not activated and I have to go to the bank. But she solved that immediately for me and was able to get me willingly to sell for her within my circles.

In summary, applying just one or a combination of the techniques above, could mean a game changer in your Export business.

Meanwhile, I am putting together a Webinar for August, what is your painpoint which you would want me to assuage?

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