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♥Dear You,

Yes you, you remember my main issue with you? how sometimes you forget your worth and keep comparing yourself with themselves.

You know how much it pisses me off and how I always tell you it is but a bloody waste of your limited time.

Aha, you really didn’t know your time here is limited? remind me, how long is that lifespan again? how far gone are you on the trail now?

you see? tick tock goes your clock.

Aww, poor dear. You never really thought of time in that context? No wonder you are busy dividing your attention to and fro, watching who is slaying and who they are hobnobbing with. Now, that really does explain why instead of setting up your own party, you sit in that corner whining that you were not invited to theirs.

Who says you can’t throw your own party and draw up the guest list?

Do you even know how many people are waiting for your party to commence?

Oh, you thought they are having fun there? maybe. Have you given room to the thought that like you, they could just be idling away their precious time there while waiting for your own party to commence?

Anyway, let me tell you something one of my contacts told me earlier in my International Trade journey.

He would probably be reading it here for the first time too. Gave me such a rude shock which brought me spiraling down to Planet Earth from Utopia where I was coasting.

Was casually said but it is still emblazoned in neon lights on my mind’s line of vision.

I am rambling right? don’t mind me. I am rummaging through my wordsack for an apt way to put it.

I guess the closest analogy was like dropping a conductor into your bath tub while you were luxuriating in a silky bath and sipping baileys with a book in one hand.

It was in the middle of a conversation and I heard “I am still talking to you because I have not seen your competition. Soon as I see someone else who does what you are currently doing, I will move on and just abandon you”!!

Icy chills. Goosehives. My gustatory glands went bland over the baileys as the book slipped off my hands into the water.

Yeah, you get the picture. That was how I felt.

“What did you just say” I stuttered

“I mean it. I am still here because I have not seen someone else who is into International Trade.” Since you decided not to be serious with what you have or maybe you don’t even know what you have”

I will spare you the full details. That illustration was to prod you awake.

There is something of value you have but don’t realise it yet and there is someone somewhere waiting for you to start distributing that value.

This Universe is the greatest conspirator and revolver.

Know what that means? When you take a step into the dark, the Universe shines a light onto your path.

That light manifests in different forms: helpers, facilitators, guides, torchbearers etc but when you stand frozen in a spot due to fear,

the same Universe finding you static, quickly moves onto the next mobile object and begins revolving around them.

That is when you then turn around flabbergasted and stammer in shame: “but I can do that thing better than she is”

Who cares? You could but you didn’t. You stood there twiddling your thumb and second-guessing yourself while that other person tiptoed out gingerly into the dark, feeling their way as they went and now you dare talk?

You think I am being coldblooded? Well, I was not even talking to you. This is just a note to myself and you only happened to have read it because you are in my space.

Now, shoo, go do you – your world awaiteth your manifestation.

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